Equilibrium Capital


Equilibrium Capital is a global leader in sustainability driven real asset funds.

Our Vision:
Transform the planet through capital markets

Our Mission:
Create and operate a market driven investment platform that catalyzes a significant part of the planet into sustainable prosperity

Our Philosophy:

  1. Long-Term Thinking: Build and manage real assets with reduced waste and inefficiencies that produce value today and over the duration of the asset life.
  2. Whole Systems Approach: Recognize the vital relationship between parts of the system, how they work together, and how they provide productivity through reuse, and not as discreet little optimized pieces.
  3. Externalities Matter: People and ecology are not externalities; they are part of the system. Our mission is to build vibrancy and resilience for both community and environment. The challenge for this century is to find ways to use our impact to balance community and environment.

When executing these three principles, an investor and operator can build assets of lasting value that deliver persistent and higher returns and positive impact. Our role is to build differentiated investment funds with management teams that uniquely express these attributes for our institutional investors.